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nodoki icons and stuff
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this is a community for neeko (dokidokidoki) and jen (novacancies) to post their icons and stuff. jen is writing up the rules because neeko is a lazy pain in the ass, and she figures that if she insults neeko enough in the bio, she'll write her own goddamn rules.

1. This is a closed community. In other words, only Jen and Neeko can post. Please do not request membership. (If you don't read the rules and ask us for membership anyway, well, we'll laugh.) However, comments are open!
2. We are open to requests! But if we don't get back to you within two weeks, we're probably not doing it. Sorry! ^^
4. There is no number 3!
5. Please comment and credit in the keywords if you use any of our icons or stuff.

Play nice, have fun, and remember, we love comments.

The Sailormoon/Sailormercury & Shibue Jyoji pictures were taken from Three-Lights.net. Designed by dokidokidoki.